few things

about us:

Our passion for design and the growing demand in the interior decorations market have made "La Fereastră" an important name in the textile decoration market, as we provide a wide range of rich, personalized products and services of the highest quality.


at what we do:

Luxury curtains and drapes

give spaces a plus of fine elegance. Let the light gently go through transparent materials or relax in an intimate atmosphere

Various patterns and types of Roman shades

gives individuality and warmth. Sliding blinds add style and subtlety to any room

Accessories: pillows, blankets, seat covers etc

add more comfort and style to your life. You can change them by season, add new models or colors when you want

Exquisite ornaments

which will match perfectly to all interior design. Carefully chosen, they have the potential to increase the elegance of your space

Tablecloths, including with teflon

designed for living or kitchen in elegant models and colors. The teflon treatment gives them resistance to moisture, mold and stains

Outdoor fabrics

can be used outdoors, in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. They are resistant to stains, rain and sun's ultraviolet rays

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