We customize our products to meet the highest (and sometimes exotic) exigencies of demanding customers, and our works speak for themselves.

The materials we use are imported, of latest generation and of superior quality, very durable and with specific properties for their use. We provide fireproof, soundproof, heat-insulating, blackout, teflonate, special for table, upholstery and exterior, many natural materials (in, cotton, viscose) or mixed with polyester. For all of them, the range of models and colors is varied and we will always provide materials and models of the latest trends.

For luxury curtains and drapes, we can provide at the customer's request several types of gripping systems: aluminum rails with corded or electric remote control, rails simple aluminum, aluminum double rails, roller rails, metal galleries, wooden galleries and many other gripping systems.

We've put all your creativity into decorating any type of space and you can see some of them in our portfolio.

– National Theatre Bucharest,
– Queen Mary Hospital in Cluj Napoca,
– Hirscher Residence in Brașov,
– UpperHouse Brașov,
– Brașov prefecture,
– Hellen Hotel in Bacău,
– Piațeta Bacău,
– Kudia Showroom in Brașov
are just a few examples of important public spaces where you will find our works; we also have many projects executed in residential areas, some of which can be viewed in the next galleries.

Our products and services can accomodate all types of customers, from individuals who want to decorate their windows, dress their sofas and armchairs or accessorize with a variety of ornaments a room or the whole home to companies looking to arrange their offices or workspaces.

We stand by all our customers from the beginning to the end of the project, with plenty of openness and enthusiasm, so that in the end the space we decorate will ultimately bear your fingerprint.

We are glad you are visiting our web site and you're reading our story; if you want to know us better and enjoy an impressive array of interior design, write us a message or call us and we'll schedule a meeting in our showroom or in the space you want set up.

We look forward to meeting you!